Customer Avatar – The Ideal Customer

Customer Avatar – The Ideal Customer


The first class of the internship program was all about breaking out of the comfort zone and growth begins at the end of your comfort zone. This class focused on the importance of having defined goals as chances of having success heavily depends on it. Just like the first which talked about having defined goals’ the 2nd class talks about ‘having defined target customer’.

Marketing is all about Communication

Good marketing is all about conversations.

If you cannot converse well 1 on 1, you will have difficulty conversing 1 to many.

1 on 1 Conversation

Be Authentic to communicate better

In this digital age, people are tired of fake marketers with social personas. Everyone is attracted to someone real and with authenticity.

You should not be afraid to put your thoughts in front of people. Some people will not like you no matter what and you should not focus on that. You’ll gradually start building genuine followers if you keep practicing what you preach.

Who is a Better Marketer?

People with sound knowledge of marketing and application can be good marketer but people with more life experiences are better marketers. To be a better marketer, travel to new places, learn a new language and keep doing new things every now and then.

How to improve marketing by talking to that one person?

If everyone is your audience then No one is your audience.

If you don’t find out who that one person is then it might be difficult for you to create the right marketing and communication for them. You do not need to know everything about your ideal customer but only the ones that you need for marketing your services.

If you have to find that one person, it has to be the highest %age of your audience and you have to find that one person.

How to define Target Customer?

  • Marketing writing is like conversations.
  • Do not write high-level English or high sounding words.
  • Do not start a conversation with your prospect.
  • Always try to join a conversation that your prospect is having in their mind.

Awkwardness is an indicator of learning. It challenges what you already know and creates new beliefs and way of thinking.

Customer Avatar

A customer avatar is an ideal profile of your target customer. It helps you understand where your customer is based, what he does for a living, what he shares on social media, his goals in life and how you can effectively communicate your products and services for the betterment of his life or career.

customer avatar

Can you have more than 1 Customer Avatar?

Yes, you can have more than 1 customer avatar although it is not advised in the beginning. You should start with 1 customer avatar and create multiple avatars as you expand your business.

How to create a Customer Avatar?

During the 2nd class of the internship program, Deepak Kanakaraju did a live survey to make us understand customer avatar and also why it is important. He created a form with several demographic and psychographic questions and asked the interns to fill it.

There were more than 500 responses and he showed us the results. Next, he posted a few criteria from the survey questions and posted them on the internship Facebook group to check who all match 100% with the criteria listed.

He then opened all the profiles that said 100% to see what they do in life and what they share on social media. Akshay Saxena turned out to be his average Customer.

This helped us understand customer avatar and the need for it in an easier way and let us see how you can create one step by step.

Step 1: From the responses received on the survey form, make a list of their demographics and psychographics such as age, gender, what they’re currently doing and what they want to achieve in life.

Step 2: Assign an imaginary name and if possible also a photo. You can also assign the same name as your average customer from the survey.

Step 3: create a story about why this person is your ideal customer and how your products and services fit his requirements and how it will contribute to the betterment of his life and career.

My Customer Avatar

My niche is developing blogs for my customers.

My ideal customer is Avijit Roy, a male graduate, a struggling internet professional/ entrepreneur, android user, aged 25-34, living in Kolkata.he is an introvert and emotional in nature. He wants to earn a six-figure income, does not have a blog and wants to start a blog soon.


During the 2nd class, while Deepak Kanakaraju was creating the survey, I was wondering how I would be able to get even 5 people to fill the form since I didn’t have any subscribers or audience of any kind.

I created a Blog Creation Survey and posted it in the Facebook group for interns but only received a handful of responses. I also sent the form to my friends and asked them to fill it as per their convenience.

I got only 10 people to fill my form, but I learned how to do a survey and create a customer avatar. I have a lot to improve on that but I got a glimpse of my target customer for the services I’m providing. I might add additional services later and so will the customer avatar according to that.

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