How to Choose a Good Domain Name?

How to Choose a Good Domain Name?

If you are here you probably already know what a domain name is and if you don’t let me help you clear it up. A domain name is the name of a website. When you visit a website, such as the one you’re reading this on, the domain name is the name of the website other than www and https. The domain name is the name and the extension to the right of the dot.

Although a domain name is simply the name of a website but in fact it is the brand that you present to the world. You can understand this by looking at the names of some of the top websites in the world. Facebook, Amazon, Google, Reddit, Microsoft,Apple wouldn’t be the same if they had different domain names.

Now when you know what a domain name is and what importance it holds in the brand building, let’s move on to understand why you should choose a good domain name and how you can do it.

Why Choosing a Good Domain Name is Important?

A domain name is your brand identity and it is what your audience associates with. Choosing a good domain name from the start that is related to your business is really important. Once you have a Website name you are likely to be stuck with that name for the rest of your journey. The logo, content, and everything on the website can be changed without much effect on the brand but changing the domain name can break the business.

For example, if today Facebook changes its domain name from Facebook․com to SocialBook․com you wouldn’t be associated with it the same way. So facebook chose a good domain name in the beginning and is not going to change it in the near future too.

Once your website is running then you’ll have a decent amount of traffic to your website, then considering changing the Domain name is like starting over from scratch that is not recommended. So the bottom line is to choose a domain name and stick on it and not think of changing it, rather trying to create unique content that helps you get your website some name and fame.

Factors to Choose a Good Domain Name.

Choosing a good domain name is pretty easy. Take a pen and paper and write as many names as you can. But, the problem is that the domain name may not be available as many others might have thought about the same name. So, you’ll have to think of many names and check whether they’re available or not. You can also take the help of online tools which can help you choose a domain name easily.

Domain Name Selection criteria

1. It Should be Pronounceable.

The first and foremost thing you should look for in a domain name is it should be simple. It should pass the radio or phone test. This is when you hear the domain name on the radio or you speak it to a person on phone, they understand it clearly.

You should avoid complex words in your domain name. Although they might be pronounceable, your domain name might not be appealing to your audience or an unknown person who hears it for the first time.

2. It Should be Short in Length.

The shorter your domain name the greater is its brand appeal although exceptions might exist. The most preferable domain names are 15 or lesser characters in length. You do not necessarily have to fit the domain in this criteria if your domain looks really appealing.

3. It Should Convey Some Meaning.

Domain names that convey some meaning remain in the minds of the listener or viewer. Facebook – we hate to face the book but Facebook, WhatsApp also called What’s Up among other domain names.

4. It Should not infringe on a Trademark.

Companies register trademarks for their domain names and when someone uses those words they infringe upon a trademark due which the company can file a lawsuit. So while choosing a domain name, make sure you’re not infringing upon a registered trademark.


5. It Should be Descriptive.

The domain name should put forward its meaning without people searching for it. Let me list some names below and you’ll get a clear picture from it. – Something to do with Servers. – A Travel Blog of a guy who keeps Wandering. – A mother’s travel Blog. – A person named ‘Deepak’ who is into Digital Industry. – A restaurant or hotel famous for barbeques. – You Know what it is. – A Blog to bring a spark in your boring Life.

So, these are some of the domains that explain what these are used for without you looking deep into it. If you’re able to find a domain name that is short and brandable, good enough, if not you can always build your brand by putting great content.

Tools You Can Use.

If your name isn’t available, you can always change or modify it.
If the name that you have thought of isn’t available, it is completely fine. you can add a suffix or a prefix rather than sticking on it. Think out of the box and be creative in choosing a name for your online brand.

Else you can use some of the tools which suggest you a good domain name based upon your ideas. These are some of the free domain name suggestion tools that could be helpful.

Try out any one you could find the perfect name for your website which could be the future Brand.


This tool helps you find a perfect domain name if you have a particular keyword. It also provides examples if you have not thought any. It also gives you the option to choose the first keyword of the domain name.

Lean Domain Search
Domain Names Generated with the keyword “Good”.

For example- If you want a name for your website, which is regarding digital marketing then just type digital and it suggests 100’s of domain names that are available to register. It also suggests whether the entered keyword can be used depending upon the popularity index.

2. Bust A Name

Domain Names Generated by Bust A Name.

This tool lets you try out various options that help you find out the quality domain name. The unique factor of this tool is “Domain maker” which lets you select the particular extension .com, .net, .org, and also the number of characters.

If you don’t have any keyword to start off with then this option would help you the most “Make a Random Domain”.This really gives ideas to start off things.



In this you can enter multiple keywords and find a good domain name and you can save it.Later you can login to Godaddy, Namecheap and buy that domain name.

You can also check which name is available for resale and contact the particular owner.This tool also suggests based on the rhyming keyword.

Nameboy Generator
NameBoy Domain Name Generator.

4.Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler Demo

It starts with the ‘easy’ option to enter your ideal keyword and choose domain extension. After searching it shows the domain names which are available as well as the ones that are taken.

It lets you compare the Page Rank of different domain names.Add the selected domain name to the favorite list and it lets you to continue with more advanced search.

Domain Puzzler Example

Where Should You Register Your Domain Name?

Now that you know what a domain name is and also how to choose one for website, now it’s time to know where you can register a domain name. A domain name comes with a year of registration validity which you can extend at the time of registration or before the expiry date of the domain name.

There are tons of domain name Registrars where you can register your domain name by paying a nominal fee of 10-15$. The costs vary from registrar to registrar and you also get discounts while purchasing.

But low cost should not be the only criteria while choosing a Registrar as domain names are web assets and you should look for companies that are reputed and provide good service overall.

So, here I’m listing some of the famous registrars that I personally use and recommend. You can choose anyone or try them one by one as per your convenience. – Very Low registration and renewal cost and various discounts from time to time. – Low registration cost but higher renewal charges.It is one of the largest domain name registrars in the world. – Low registration cost and moderately high renewal charges. – Low registration cost as well as low renewal charges. – Low registration cost as well as low renewal charges.

So, now its your turn to go ahead and register a domain name and come online.

If you have any questions, you can comment on the post and we’ll try to answer them.

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